A Summer Thunderstorm

     There is nothing I enjoy more during the summer than a real hard thunderstorm, equipped with the threats of tornadoes, or strong winds.

     Today was really hot! It was 92 degrees with the humidity through the roof. The air was so thick and stale it was like trying to breathe through only a straw in your mouth. Nasty! I hate it!

     But the reward in the early evening of such a day is the storms that form because of the heat and humidity. I look forward to them. I welcome them. I crave them. I, dare i say, love them!

     Why? Because the thunderstorms bring relief from the nastiness of the day’s heat. It forces families indoors, which cast a sense of coziness during the summer, much like what a snowstorm is to the winter.

     I like watching the dark clouds moving in. Today I was outside with the kids throwing the football around when suddenly the winds picked up. Next thing we knew the sky was turning black and the clouds were dancing and swirling around.

     We stopped our activity and started to watch for funnel clouds. The wind was crazy and the sky and clouds were looking ugly. But we had no such luck today. We actually got run inside by the cold wind and dust that blew into our eyes.

     I like sitting inside and hearing the rain pound the roof while the sky is dark and lightning is seen ripping through the sky. I like seeing tree branches pushed over by the winds. To me it is just an enjoyable and relaxing feeling with a touch of adrenaline that races through my body. It’s great!!

     Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again. I am looking forward to the same results later in the day, also. Bring it!!    


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