The Weekend

     The week may be over, but the constant activity is never ending. I have my girls this weekend, and with it being the end of school, they are constantly wanting to keep on moving.

     I am taking them and my stepson to a place where they will all be able to shoot guns, bows and arrows, get free food and have a good time. It’s sponsored by the DNR for awareness and safety and allowing the kids to use these types of thnigs in a controlled environment.

     After this we are going to come back to pick up my wife and head over to a friend’s house to swim in the pool. Then we will have a barbeque with them and relax, if I can remember how.

     Tomorrow? Don’t ask. It’s more of the running around. The week may be over, by we don’t just sit around and veg out. Yes there are times where we don’t do anything on the weekends, but the kids don’t particularly care for that. They need constant stimulation. Dad on the other needs a break from time to time.

     But it will still be fun. I enjoy doing these types of things with them. But I don’t like how it tends to speed up the weekends and the next thing you know it’s back to work. But I would rather it be back to work than being the next thing I know is the kids are grown and moved out. That’s the one thing I do not look forward to.


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