When Is Safe Sex Even Possible?

     My wife and I were just trying to have a quickie when we heard a big bang come from upstairs followed by laughter and all kinds of hootin’ and hollerin’.

     I admit that I was working pretty hard at getting laid, since it’s the weekend and we usually have sex once a day, maybe twice if I’m lucky. But this day passed and it’s almost time for us to hit the hay for the day and I was in need of a little somethin’ somethin’ since we didn’t have sex yet.

     But this bang we heard was our kids fooling around on the computer watching something on YouTube. I know this because I was the one who quickly pulled my shorts back up while opening our bedroom door to find out what all this noise was.

     Upon my return to the bedroom while trying to restart my engines, my wife had tucked herself into bed saying she thinks it may be a good idea if we just pass on the sex for tonight and get up early in the morning before the kids wake up.

     That was the end of that!

     But now I ask myself, when is safe sex even possible? Especially with the kids running around! They were totally engulfed in what they were doing. They would never have known what my wife and I had going on. But my wife put the kabosh to our possible few muinutes of pleasure.

     I have a problem with quitting once I am locked in on getting laid. For me to turn off my yearning for sex is difficult to do. Sometimes I can be an asshole, but I believe that’s totally from what ever chemical that gets released in a man which has no way of being used properly. So it sits in the body, turning the man into a complete dick til it’s gone. Usually by having sex!

     The safe sex to my wife is, like I said, waiting til morning, til the kids are gone or sneaking it in. But lately the sneaking  around is an option that she is beginning to expel from our bedroom. I don’t like it, but I will live with it. I like the hunting and the kill, meaning the prowling for her behind our closed door and getting sex.

     Now don’t get me wrong! My wife totally plays into the sneaking sex in also, but she has been very cautious lately with not wanting to with the kids in the house, no matter what they are doing.

     I guess she is the one wanting to have the safe sex while I keep wanting to push our luck. We haven’t got caught yet. We are good with making the kids knock before entering our room and even better with quickly pulling the covers on if the knocking fails and someone decides to just walk on in.  I just wish that I could convince her that we will be ok. Am I losing my touch? Hmmm…..


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