My Story…Part 5

     I have come to a sensitive part of my story in which I really don’t know how to write about. I have been thinking about this part of the story and how I would handle it once I got here. But here I am and I have no clue.

     I know what the part is. I have lived it. But I have a wife right now who I absolutley adore and love with all my heart. I would never do ANYTHING to hurt her. And I am a little nervous that this may either hurt her, or piss her off, or both. And any one of those three would suck!

     The following part of my story has to do with my first wife. She is the mom to my two daughters. I met her upon coming home from my job at The Olive Garden one particular afternoon. She was a good friend of my sister and they happened to hanging out at my dad’s house, where we lived.

     I was introduced to her. She said that my sister never told her that she had a brother. This information was never given because I was away at school. But now that I was there, it was funny seeing my sister back peddle as to what that was all about.

     She started coming over to the house alot more often because she was interested in me. I on the other hand had zero interest in any of my sister’s friends for as long as I could remember. It was a personal rule of mine to never date, like, see, or even be interested in any of her friends.

     But as the weeks wore on, and the more often I saw her at the house, she wore me down and I gave in. We started dating and hanging out away from the house and without my sister. I felt kinda guilty at first for doing this because my sister had made it known to both of us that they were friends first and that she was pissed off. It was totally understandable. 

     But we started to not care too much about what sis had to say and we went on about our lives. I was 19 and she was 18 and who was gonna tell us who we could see or how we were gonna live our lives?


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