Well The Cat’s Out

     The proverbial cat is out of the bag. Or maybe the cat has turned around and can see it’s way out of the bag may be a better way to say what I have to say.

     Today I have told my sister AND MOM that I have been writing this blog. It was kind of weird to come forth with what I have been up to, but if they are interested in what I have to say, they are welcome to come back.

     That is if they don’t have heart attacks first.

     My wife had known all along this blog has been going on. But now I have stretched my sister and mom in on the chaos of what has been going on in my life. They may be blown away at some of the things I have already written, or will write in the future, or maybe THIS one.

     But I have lived a bit of a crazy, chaotic, wrenching, mind-blowing, roller coaster, angry, happy, disappointing, joyful, and whatever kind of adjective you can think of kind of life. But I made it through.  They know some of the things I have told them. But I have never really poured out the ridiculous details.

     Until now! 

     So mom and sis? You have been given your passes into my world. Please be open-minded and don’t make judgements. I made it through. I’m still alive and stronger and more experienced that even I thought I would ever be.

     And you know what? Getting old is fun. I embrace it. But it can also be a BITCH!



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