Too Damn Bad Hulk Hogan!

     Hulk Hogan used to be one of the top wrestlers in the world. His fame skyrocketed in the early nineteen eighties when he won several WWF championships.

     Hulk Hogan has just recently had a pretty entertaining reality television series showing the inside of his life and his family’s life and the craziness that goes on around them.

     He has earned millions of dollars through endorsements, wrestling, television shows, and has millions of adoring fans world-wide. But as he keeps on the path that he is currently on, he is going to lose one of those fans permanently, and here is why.

     He has to stop acting so indifferent to the situation he his currently in with his personal life. I use “personal life” loosely because it really isn’t. The media has exposed him so greatly that I don’t know if I can be a fan anymore.

     He acts like the jail sentence that his 18 year old son, Nick Bollea, is serving is an inconvenience to his life and his son’s. Nick is serving an 8 month sentence because he was recklessly driving a car with a friend when he crashed it, leaving the friend brain damaged.

     Phone calls that were taped and released by the media of Hulk talking to his son while his son is in jail is sickening. Hulk tells his son he is proud of him. Hulk tells his son that the situation the friend is in with the brain damage is fate and that is how God works toward people who are not good.

     Then in almost in the same breath Hulk promises Nick that he will start up a new reality show the minute Nick gets out of jail. That he is the producer of this show and also tells his son that he will let him have a cut of ownership of the show.

     I’m sorry but that just shows how non-caring a human being can be. There is zero compassion toward the current state of Nick’s friend shown between Hulk or his son during this phone call. ZERO!

    But I have heard about the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill he was just about to release to the public. It got recalled because of a major problem. It ignites when cooking sprays or oils are used on the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill. 

     There is also one more major problem with it. It’s called FATE!!! Maybe God does step in and has had something to do with the problematic Utlimate Grill.  So with this bit of redemption, I do not feel for the former wrestling champ and entertainer. It just shows, what comes around goes around. Just like me being a one time fan. I was one, now I’m not. 



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