An Awkward Situation

     Tonight my wife and I had to meet her mom and sister and her sister’s husband for dinner tonight at a nice restaurant. It is my wife’s sister’s birthday. The food was good, as usual, because this place has great sea food and never disappoints.

     The awkward situation was the meeting of the two sisters. My wife had not talked to her sis for something like 3 weeks. They have always been on the phone with each other daily, until, like I said, 3 weeks ago.

     We do not understand why, nor would my wife pick up the phone to call her.  My wife has the attitude that she isn’t calling her first. This situation, we believe, stems from Memorial Day at their mom’s house, where a barbeque had taken place.

     I had been assigned the grill duties. I had to burn up some hot dogs and bratwursts. I had been instructed by my wife and her mom a certain amount and I did just that. Upon bringing them back in all cooked up, her sister was asking why they weren’t all cooked. Meaning, there were still some on the counter in the packages.

     A little side note to this story is that her sister’s husband always hardly comes to these little parties. He is always working. So her sister’s plan is to come with her kids, eat, then run out of there with leftovers to bring to her husband. Thus, the problem with the hot dogs not being all cooked up.

     She complained and was asking what the deal was. What was she gonna bring home? So after we all ate, her mom went out and cooked up the rest, just to make her happy. My wife and I think the silence is from this childish act of wanting and complaining.

     But like I said, my wife was not going to call her. She doesn’t care what happened and if her sister wants to call her instead, then she can. My wife is not one to try to scrutinize situations. She has the attitude of whatever.

     So dinner was awkward at first, but we all got through it as if nothing had happened. So we ate, talked, then left. Thank goodness there was no tension, but I felt it as we arrived, and I hate that crap! Sometimes I just wish I didn’t know things just for the reason of feeling tense and awkward. 



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