My Personal Father’s Day

     My wife and I had invited my dad over for Father’s Day today. We had a good time with him, as he did with us, just hanging out, drinking a few beers, eating and watching tv.

     But I realize with every given opportunity what kind of wonderful woman I have for my wife. Words cannot describe how greatful I am of her. She never fails being what every man wants, and I have!

     She got up this morning and started cleaning the house, leaving me in bed for a little while longer to sleep. But when I got up, we started our day preparing for the day.

     But my wife really took hold of control by making the added foods for the dinner we ate, including brownies. She cleaned up the kitchen, and did other little odds and ends, leaving me to just chill out.

     Now I am not the kind of person who likes to sit around when she is doing stuff, but I feel I was left out of the things she did behind the scenes. She made my day a relaxing one. I feel I owe her one for this.

     My personal Father’s Day was special not because of the love I receive from the kids and my wife, but because she really is a wonderful wife and I would never trade her for the world!! Thanks, babe!


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