The Weekend Is Over

     Well, yet again, I am sitting here recovering from another fast weekend. What the heck is the deal? They are always flying by so fast that the next thing I know is I am pissed off at the alarm clock for being rude Monday morning, screaming at me to get up.

     This weekend I had my daughters. I got them Friday night and we spent the night just chilling out in the air conditioning. Saturday was another story.

     My wife and I got up and took our dog to the veterinarian for her yearly shots. That was a whopping $150!! My wife has been throwing around the idea of getting another dog, but after that visit, we decided that our one little shih tzu was enough! How people can have 2 dogs is beyond me! I am getting by just feeding and taking care of the 3 kids we have. Another dog with all it’s bills will put us in the poor house for sure!

     After the vet, we came home and rounded up the kids for a visit to the beach. The weathermen were calling for storms on Saturday, but by the time we left the vet, all we could see was total blue sky. How can someone have a job and be wrong all the time I’ll never understand it. Doesn’t that Doppler bullshit work?

     There is a beach on a lake 5 minutes from our house we all went to. We swam, burned a little in the sun, then came home. My wife and I got ready for that dinner party I had mentioned in an earlier post. We got the kids whatever they wanted to eat for dinner before we left. When we got home, we played some Wii, watched some tv then called it a night.

     Sunday, Father’s Day, I was surprised by a new wallet from my stepson. Thank goodness I have a new one. It’s perfect.  I hated the old one I was using. I was just too cheap to trash it. My daughter’s gift on the other hand? Didn’t get it yet. They forgot it when they came over. Heck! My youngest forgot her bathing suit for the beach in which we needed to make a stop at her mom’s to pick up.

     My wife and I got ready and shopped for food because my dad and stepmom were coming over for a barbeque. We burned some burgers, ate some delicious spaghetti salad my wife made, watched the Tigers win their sixth game in a row, watched Dale Jr finally win a race, then they left. In the meantime we were able to sneak in a tutorial of how to play the Wii to my dad. He was impressed with the technology.

     Now I am wrapping up the weekend. I can hardly wait for that rude-ass alarm clock to yell at me to get up and face another day at work. Yippee! NOT!!! 


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