Hulk Hogan And Graziano Family

     Ok. Maybe I wrote a blog few days ago where I tried ripping into Hulk Hogan and his family. I said some things that I felt, and still feel right now. But what has a occurred is just preposterous!

     A relative from the Graziano has allegedly made a phone call to the Bollea family, otherwise known as the Hogan family, and left some real violent, threatening messages on their voicemail. It is a retaliation, as I see it, of what has transpired over the past few weeks between the families.

     To catch you up, Nick Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s son, is currently serving 8 months in a Florida jail for driving recklessly and crashing his car, seriously injuring his friend, who was in the car with him. The friend, John Graziano, is currently brain dead due to the accident.

     A few days after Nick was put in jail for his time to serve, a phone call conversation between him and his dad and mom was recorded and leaked out to the media. In that phone conversation, Hulk and Nick are very passive about what had happened to the friend. They seem like they don’t care about John and are more concerned about material things like how small Nick’s cell is. It is “half the size of my bathroom” he says to his parents, almost crying. They feel sorry for him. Hulk tells him he’s proud of him. For what? Who the hell knows?

     But now the Grazianos taken a bit action on their own part and has now threatened the Hogan clan. Some family member made a couple calls and left threatening voicemails, calling the women whores, saying how Nick “is gonna bleed”, and very disturbing names and threats directly at Hulk.

     Supposedly the Clearwater, Florida police are looking into the calls. But I have two things to say.

     What in the hell are the cops gonna do? Nothing! You can make calls like that. It’s actually ok, as sick as the law is. They aren’t gonna do a damn thing about it until something really does happen to a Hogan family member.

     Second, I don’t agree with the calls, but I understand the anger behind them. The Hogans are spouting off about how bad things happen to bad people and that Nick’s friend, John, had this coming to him through “God’s will”. The Hogans are running around sitting on their pity pot while their son is in jail. But the Graziano family has a kid who may never be back with them again.

     So I hope this doesn’t end in some kind of screwed up situation. The world doesn’t need anymore violence. But the world does need more compassion and owning up to wrongdoings. And i hope maybe, just maybe, Hulk and family will realize what they have done anhow they have handled this situation, and they start to be more caring towrad John Graziano and his family’s stiuation.


1 Response to “Hulk Hogan And Graziano Family”

  1. 1 sweetiegirlz June 18, 2008 at 12:51 am

    I think a large part of the public agrees with your post. Spoiled brat Nick should stay the course in jail. It’s a wonder the Hogan family doesn’t have way more threats than this one from the public way their comments drew attention to their fakey attitude

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