The Party Has Begun

     Whoo hoo!!!! The party at my house has begun as of last night and will keep on rolling on through the next couple of weeks!

     The “party” is a two person party, that is. Me and my wife.

     We are free without any kids for the next 2 weeks or so. They are with their other parents doing their summer vacation stuff. Every year our summer is like this. My stepson sees the other side of his family and my daughters are with their mom doing their summer stuff.

     We will get the kids back, of course, and do our summer stuff with them, but in the mean time we are free! No responsibilities to any children, just to each other.

     Don’t get me wrong. My wife and I love having the kids with us. W play with them, hang out with them, spoil them, and just have fun. But we also get alone time.

    Until they all come back, my wife and I are gonna hang with friends because we don’t have a babysitter to watch the kids. We also have a baseball game night planned for next weekend with friends. We are gonna take naps, lounge around, drink a few brews, sneak in a little hummina hummina and just relax!

     I think it’s time to go do that right now…


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