A Rebuttal To A Post About Hulk Hogan

     I have read a post from a fellow “wordpresser” about this whole Hulk Hogan topic, and I have a few things I want to say in a rebuttal. The fellow “wordpresser” is Pjjones and he has touched on a few ideas I want to address.

     I have hit on the Hulk Hogan story in two different blogs, “To Damn Bad Hulk Hogan” and “Hulk Hogan and Graziano Family”. I feel I know a little about this topic and the situation.

     First of all, Pjjones mentions in his blog, “Hulk Hogan Scandal”, that Nancy Grace had a whole show dedicated to Hulk Hogan and what has happened to his son Nick and the family chaos caused by the accident. That’s fine. She can. She is letting the people draw their own conclusions about what has transpired after this accident and during the month’s Nick is in jail. People can make up their own minds.

     I have watched Nancy Grace before and I know how her show is, but I missed this particular show. It’s unfortunate. But I wonder if she played some of those tapes of recorded conversations between Nick, his mom Linda, and Hulk.

     Those tapes reveal a true inside look into their family and how they think. There is zero resentment, only self pity by this family.

     Poor Nick wants a cell where he can see people. He is being punished for a crime he commited and wants his daddy to pull some strings with the judge to move him, not only out of solitary and into a more open cell. He wants Hulk to get him home on house arrest!!

     House arrest!!

     I don’t mind what pjjones wrote, I just don’t like him encouraging the world to turn a blind eye from the real story. I know Hulk was great and all. “Hogan Knows Best” was an entertaining show, but let’s keep our eyes on him and his family.

     Hulk is the one who wanted to put his family into the spotlight. Hulk is also the one, who, as recorded on those jail tapes, is PROMISING his son that the day when he gets out of jail, he will have a tv crew there taping his departure. Nick wants to be recorded on video tape as he sets his first steps onto free ground.

     So if privacy is something that is being encouraged by naive people and the Hogan family, then the Hogans either better clean up their acts, start being more compassionate, or simply not do anymore reality tv shows if privacy is something they actually want. Hulk and family can’t pick and choose!!

    Pjjones, I will not give the Hogans a break! They are asking for this and you know it! Everyone knows it. It’s their little way of keeping their names in the papers, on the tv shows, and in the news. The second I see them vanish, then I will no longer take notice of their lives anymore and I will no longer express how much I feel Hulk and family are heartless towards the Graziano family and this whole situation!


2 Responses to “A Rebuttal To A Post About Hulk Hogan”

  1. 1 sweetiegirlz June 25, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Yes, Nancy Grace did play (over and over) all the tapes. I saw that show and the follow up show when the guy threatens the hogans.

    I’m sure the majority of americans are still firmly on the side of the family with the kid in the hospital.

  2. 2 pjjones June 28, 2008 at 11:51 am

    While I understand your feelings, I do not believe your fair or balanced. This istuation is certainly a tragedy but I believe the only reason this is still in the media is b/c he is a celebrity.
    Hogan has many redeeming qualities.
    He is a loving father (with opportunities to be a better father)- he has always been a champion for charities, especially those involving children.

    If Hulk or Nick Hogan were not celebutantes we would not be seeing them dragged through the mud.
    Do not misunderstand me. What Nick did was wrong and he needs to be punished, but the press is clinging on him like he is the modern day Charles Manson.

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