A Little Information About My Story

     For those faithful readers of my blog who keep coming back to read my story, I have decided to start numbering it by parts.

     I have pretty much run of ways of writing titles that show my story is continuing. It’s getting pretty ridiculous from my point of view. I am going to list the names of of the titles I have already used, which happens to be 11 of them. Starting with my next one, it will read “My Story, Part…” whatever number it is is. The next one will be 12.

     Here is the list so they are easier to find in my blog for those of you who are interested and so they can be found alot easier.

     1.)This Is Just The Beginning

     2.) —-untitled———

     3.)My Story Continuing

     4.)Continuing With My Story

     5.)Continuing Story

     6.)My Story Continuing

     7.)Story Continuing

     8.)Story Continuation

     9.)Story Continuing On

     10.)Story Continuing On

     11.)My Story Continued

     I feel I have totally abused the word “continue” and, quite actually, I can’t stand typing it out any longer. It’s a nasty word since I don’t type very well and I make sure I spell words correctly.

     Thanks for understanding and thank you for reading the story I am trying to tell.



1 Response to “A Little Information About My Story”

  1. 1 Charlie June 28, 2008 at 1:06 am

    i just found your site…i will continue to read…

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