On My 4th Coors Light Tonight

     Just some things I wanna bring up as I have a good buzz going. Kind of a way to say I have my beer brains going, as opposed to beer muscles, beer goggles, or whiskey dick.

     First of all, my wife wasn’t to happy about the Drew Barrymore post from last nigh. She is jealous. Just as I would be if she wrote one about Freddie Prinze, Jr.

     I have been playing the hell out of Aerosmith Guitar hero! That is so totally cool! There are Aerosmith songs on there I have forgotten about. Those songs bring me back to hearing them when I was a kid. “Kings and Queens” for instance. What a surprise that was! It’s fun playing Guitar Hero on a good buzz.

     Why is there always a battle between men and women over whether the air conditioner should be on or not. I work outside. She works inside in air conditioning. I wanna be comfortable and cool and free of humidity. She wants to “warm up”?!?! Total ridicularity!!! (‘Ridicularity’ is my word, I made it up years ago. Never heard anyone else use it, keep it that way!)

     Why do people have to have a smoke when they drink? I need one right now, but I am trying to hold off until I am done writing this. Marlboro Milds. Wife smokes Marlboro Lights. Those have no taste. At least mine have a little flavor.

     I have to lose a little weight and go to the doctor, as ordered by my wife. She is right. I don’t wanna be a fat pig, nor do I want to be caught off guard by having something wrong and find out when it’s too late. So I am making an appointment for a physical very soon.

     My sister is coming up from Florida in a few weeks and she is bringing her daughters! High five! It’s about time she is coming here during the summer so our kids can hang out. I am looking forward to that time. It’s gonna be alot of fun.

     I think it’s hot to rub in moisturizer into my wife’s body like I just did. Although it actually was some kind of fake tanning stuff to give her color. She only gets sun on weekends and then “whitens up” all week while indoors at work. She just yelled at the dog to stop licking it off her leg. Maybe that’s why the dog’s poops have been different colors lately. The dog has tanned turds!

     Just went outside and had a smoke. Couldn’t wait.

     I am restoring a ’72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It’s in “pieces” in the garage. It’s really gonna be the cat’s ass when I finish it. Expected year of completion? 2012 when it will be 40 years old. Will that happen? I sure as heck hope!!

     I have a friend who plays in a band. He has played for over a year at various bars around the area and I have yet to go. He is mad at me for not going. I can tell because he has not returned my calls or answered any of my texts. There is no need to be that way. I have stuff going on. Sorry I’m not a groupie like I was back in the day when I had free time.

     It’s raining and thundering and lightning it’s ass off outside all night. I love it! We have been getting frequent rain. I believe we are in a weather pattern that used to bring us all the snow we got this past winter. It’s all good. The lakes could really use the water.

     Well I am done here. Beer bottle is empty too. Back to the tv to blow the roof off this place with more Aerosmith Guitar Hero. And another cold Coors Light. It’s cool how the labels turn blue when cold. Cool idea.





2 Responses to “On My 4th Coors Light Tonight”

  1. 1 coffee January 4, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    whatever happened to is it me, Freddie Prinze Jr., anyway?

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