Kings County Hospital

     If you have not heard already, but there is video floating all around the internet and on the television news outlets that has footage of a lady who literally dies on the floor of the waiting room at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

     THIS is what has happened to the human race? Allowing human beings to be treated like animals?

     Allow me to get a little more detailed with what happened. A 49 year old woman was sitting in a chair in the waiting room when she falls from the seat to her knees. Then she falls face first to the floor and dies.

     The video that is floating around is a 45 minute tape that has been reduced to under 2 minutes. In the meantime, patients in the waiting room and hospital staffers walk by her as she is lying flat on the floor in the corner of the waiting room. Nobody does anything!!! No one walks over to her to check on her. Nothing.

     When the video is fast-forwarded to 45 minutes later is when a security guard finally checks on the woman and then proceeds to call for help. NOW it’s a big deal to the staff as they get a gurney and some equipment. But it’s too late.

     I scanned the Kings County Hospital website to learn a little something about it. It was built in Brooklyn and up running 40 years before the Brooklyn Bridge was built. It was the first in New York to perform open heart surgery, conducted the first HIV studies in women, and produced the first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.

     The website also claims that they are currently constructing a $500 million modernization to the hospital because they are “staunchly” committed to patient care.

     Well if they are committed like they claim they are, and if that video of the woman who died literally on the waiting room floor and left ignored for almost an hour before anyone did anything, they might as well keep that $500 million because it is just a huge waste!

     Unless, of course, they will begin to care about patients after construction is completed to keep incidents like this down. But until then, how many more people are going to be neglected?


2 Responses to “Kings County Hospital”

  1. 2 headslammer August 2, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    For what?

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