Which New Mountain Dew?

     Mountain Dew has a contest between three new flavors, Voltage, Revolution, and Supernova, which has been introduced in the spring. We, the public, have been asked, by Mountain Dew, through commercials and advertisements, to try each of these flavors and vote for our favorite.

     The voting must be done at dewmocracy.com

     I am here to push for one, in particular. Now you may ask just who the heck am I to push for one. Some Joe Blow off the street? Nope! Not even close.

     I am an avid and habitual Mountain Dew drinker. I have been drinking the pop I like to refer to as “bottled water that has cleansed God’s hands” for over 20 years. It so heavenly. There is nothing like it in the whole world.

     I have gotten to the point where I absolutley need, what I refer to as a 20-er, every morning on my commute to work. A 20-er is a 20 oz. bottle. I have about 5 a day.

     Yes that may sound like alot, but I do drink water also. So I am not THAT bad.

     I have tried alot of their gimmicks in the past. There was Mountain Dew Red back in the late 90’s. It was fruity. No big deal.  

   Then there was Pitch Black! Very grapey flavor. I liked it. It came out in 2004 for a few months then gone.

    There is the ever present Baja Blast at Taco Bell. It’s ok. Again, no big deal. Nothing to hurry and run out for.

     Then they came out with a Pitch Black II. Garbage. They changed the whole taste altoghther.

     Mountain Dew Code Red and Live Wire. Both ok. No big deal.

     The new flavor for testing is Voltage, the dark blue one. Too sour, too tart. I don’t like it. Somehow, it’s the leader in some states. It is flavored with raspberry and citrus. I don’t care for those flavors. Especially tangy ones.

     Revolution, ligh blue, another one of the tested flavors, is pretty good. I liked it. Its fruity, and sweet. But it doesn’t taste too good if it gets warm. It also doesn’t taste too good with food. With wild berry flavoring and ginseng, makes it almost too sweet.

     Supernova, light purple, should be the winner. It’s fruity, sweet and with strawberry and melon flavoring, it is very easy to enjoy, but it is losing in alot of states.  

     So that is why I am pushing for votes for Supernova! Tastes good, plus it has a cool name. Something that is loaded with caffeine needs a good name, anyway.

     So go vote at dewmocracy.comfor Supernova. Although I will keep on being loyal to the original flavor, Supernova would be my second choice for a little change of taste.


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