Just Some Random Things…

     I notice that if you don’t spend a whole of time in the sun on one day, but divide it up over a couple days, you won’t burn and you can get a darker tan faster.

     I have a vacation going on right now, with 5 kids! My 2 daughters, my stepson and I just acquired my 2 nieces for the next few days. It’s all kids! I fed them White Castle for lunch. They ate that up!! Heads up to all you parents out there. Kids love Sliders from White Castle!

     There is nothing more enjoyable than it being hot outside and after going to the pool to cool off and have fun, coming back to an air-conditioned house!

     Setting up the Wiiin the basement was a great idea from my wife. It gets the kids out of the living room and opens up the main tv. Down there the kids can make as much noise as they want, leaving peace to us upstairs. Even I can go down there and play and not get told to be quiet.

     Why does it seem that dads have everything a kid needs? I seem to have things my kids need for whatever the job as far as tools are concerned. My dad has the tools that I need for whatever job I need to do. I mean, who runs around with tools to cut and splice cable wires? I need to run some lines in the house and he has the tools. Pretty cool.

     How does wi-fi work as far as having it? I have the i-Pod Touch. I can access the internet from it if I am in a “hot zone” where wi-fi is. Can someone who is providing the wi-fi access the various sites I visit and can they obtain my passwords?

     Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick needs to step down already! How can that dude run a city when he has so many legal issues going on? How can he concentrate? Look, he did everything that he keeps saying he didn’t. There is proof coming out daily. I think this whole thing is coming to head soon. I just hope he doesn’t loose his mind and kill himself and his wife and kids like the typical Detroit city citizens do. He already is acting like a punk, so it wouldn’t surprise me, it would just embarrass the city. But he already has done that too.


2 Responses to “Just Some Random Things…”

  1. 1 adlv2006 August 6, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Do you know how he’s still in? He’s painting his refusal as a way to stick it to those elements looking to take over the City and take away what little the citizens have? Even though it’s clear that he’s made shady agreements, put in people that have lined their own pockets and even pushed a sheriff’s deputy, he’s making it look like he’s in it and will not quit on Detroiters. It would seem that only those that don’t live in Detroit, get it. If only native Detroiters wake up and do the right thing.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

  2. 2 headslammer August 6, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    He’s the “hip hop mayor” and unfortunately he is running the city like a gang-banger! I don’t understand why the people that live there don’t get it, like you said.

    Everyone outside that city knows he has to go. I think the citizens are desperate and don’t wanna look foolish when they lose him.

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