Detroit Tigers Playoff Hopes

     I was going to leave a comment on someone else’s post, but I had so much to say, so i figured I would just post it myself.

     This trade with the New York Yankees that gives them catcher Pudge Rodriguez and gives the Tigers pitcher Kyle Farnsworth is okay, at best.

     The Yankees need a catcher and the Tigers really need a closer since Todd Jones has been demoted from that role. Fernando Rodney has pitched in the closer role for a few games and it will not work. He is not good enough, he does not have the confidence nor the pitch selection and control to effectively close a game out in a timely manner.

     Speaking of Todd Jones, I believe we are witnessing the end his career. He just does not have his stuff anymore. He is really beginning to get hit hard and I believe it is a matter of time that he will get released from the organization. I expect that to be before the end of this season.

     I hope that manager Jim Leyland fires his pitching coach Chuck Hernandez immediatley! I know that won’t happen, but he has to go. This pitching staff has steadily gone down hill. They need a new guy there to guide them. Someone who has experience. Maybe a former and successful player. Maybe at the end of the season they will offer the job to Kenny Rogers?? 

     I hope that before this trade deadline the Tigers get some other pitcher. I also wanna see the Tigers bring up that kid from AAA, Dane Sardinha, to catch more often, have Brandon Inge move over to third and trade away Carlos Guillen for some pitcher who will perform right now.

     I will be disappointed if they trade for “a player to be named later” because that sucks. Who wants or needs one later? We are in the middle of a pennant race here!


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