Now You’re Screwed!

     Becky was a girl who had been through a major accident about 10 years ago when the car she was driving was struck by another when the drunk driver crossed the median.

     Becky lost all her extremities, both arms and both legs, in the aftermath of the accident, due to infections and severely mangled bones.

     Early this summer Becky went with her best friend, Ruth, to the Pacific Ocean so she could enjoy the place she loved being the most, Florence, Oregon. Becky loved to watch the sun set out over the Pacific every time she made the trip from her hometown of Peoria, Illinois.

     She had been to Florence many times with her family when she was a child. Then when she was older, she would go out there with her boyfriends every summer. It was her favorite place in the world.

     One night, on her latest trip out there back in June, Becky was alone on the beach in her specially made wheelchair, watching  the sun begin to set. She watched families packing their kids and belongings up from the day. She saw a few men, she found attractive hanging out on the beach, also.

     She began to remember how good it felt to have a man in her life. The comfort, the support, the camaraderie and especially the sex. It had been years since she was able to have sex because of the accident. She began to really yearn for a man as she sat out there on the beach.

     She had decided that she would give it a try. To get a man for that night. She knew she would have nothing to lose, and maybe there was a special man out there she just had not found yet.

     The setting sun had put her in the mood and she tried her luck. A tall man walked in her direction toward the parking lot when she stopped him and asked him if he would to hook up, maybe have sex. He kindly turned her down. She didn’t feel hurt, she kept trying.

     Another man walked toward her. This time she went about her mission differently. She thought maybe they could just have sex, right here on the beach. This way she would not be putting him out with her wheelchair and all. It could be real convenient.

     She stopped him and made her move.

     “Excuse me,” Becky said to the handsome man walking toward her, “can I ask a favor of you?”

     “Sure, ma’am” he answered, “anything for a pretty girl like yourself!”

     “I have not had sex for quite some time,”  Becky said as she began her plea, “and I know I am being forward when I ask this, but do you think you could screw me? Right here on the beach?”

     The man was taken back her bluntness, but nodded in acceptance of her offer.

     “Yes, I think I can screw you here on the beach,” the man said as he wheeled her down toward the water.

     He stopped the wheelchair, engaged the brakes, walked around to the front of the chair, picked Becky up and pulled her out.

     He then swung her real hard in the direction of the ocean and let go of her. He watched poor Becky fly about 20 feet in the air and splash into the water. Becky sunk like a rock.

     “Well I hope your happy,” he said in the direction of the bubbles popping in the water. “Now you’re screwed!”


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