My Story…Part 35

     Needless to say we bought that cave, er…I mean house. And it was not a house where you feel warm and tingly and safe inside, it was a place where I hated. I could not afford it. I could not even pay the heating bill! It was ridiculous.

     Her parents were hardcore rednecks to the bone! Born and raised, if I remember correctly because I didn’t pay too much attention to their details, in the southern Midwest. They talked the twang, they listened to the hillbilly music, drank a ton, and they acted like people in their early 20’s.

     The have an older daughter who they destroyed while trying to raise. She actually got married when she was 16 because they threw the towel in on that mess. They figured that if that kid got married, it would be one less headache for them. So the other daughter, that I had the unfortunate marriage with, was raised to do pretty much whatever she wanted.

     They NEVER told this chick “no”. Which leads to my personal experience. If she was told “no” by anyone, she would exact revenge upon them. Whether it was in a verbal way or a physical way.

     Verbal usually meant she would get the oral claws out and argue and bitch and get nasty until her victim gave in. She was never taught that some things just could not be. As for the physical? Her sister fought those fights for her because she pretty much has a glass body. Meaning that she is fragile. A vegetarian from the ripe age of 13. If she fell, she may break something.

     This chick was starting to bend forward and look crippled when I divorced her. Her posture was going down the toilet. She was mean and hollow inside…both literally and figuratively speaking.

     She had no feelings, no soul. Her bones were brittle, and she was a not too healthy beast. It is only a matter of time before I catch word of her collapsing like a building that had been imploded. But I can only wish.

     No, I am not a mean person, nor am I a vengeful one either. I am not in denial of what I did. I wish I had not even got involved with someone like her. She is all nasty and not nice.

     I realize that I was the one who signed the papers to purchase that house. I felt forced by way of needing to get a bigger place for our combined families. I wanted to be a good dad to my own kids and get them into a more comfortable living situation. But I didn’t want that particular house. Which goes back to how you can’t tell a beast “no”.


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