Maroon 5 at DTE

     Yes! I am in fact a metalhead! Give me Metallica, Megadeth, Danzig, Pantera or Black Sabbath any day of the week and I will totally rock out.

     I have seen Metallica three times, Kid Rock four times, and Van Halen twice. Other rockers I have seen in concert include, but not limited to, Suicidal Tendencies, Danzig, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Cheap Trick and even my first live show at the ripe age of 14, Eric Clapton.

     But for me to get blown away by Maroon 5 is a little strange, even for me. I hear something in their music that is just incredible. I even went out and bought ‘Songs About Jane’ and ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’ because I was lured in. I felt a little gayish for having bought those, but I like their stuff so much, that I quickly got over that.

     I have them loaded in my iPod and those discs are in heavy rotation.

    Tonight my wife and I are going to DTE Detroit Music Theatre to see them live with Counting Crows. It should be a total blast!

     Attending a show, which I expect to be a little laid, should be a good lesson for me to see how other music genres are in concert.

     DTE is an outside venue, with a pavilion in front of the stage. Behind the pavilion is the hill with grass where people can bring blankets and chill out.

     I have been to raucousy concerts there where it was literally raining sod and dirt because of the crowd. I don’t think that will happen tonight.

    What will probably happen, is there will be a lot of women and girls oogling over how hot and sexy the lead singer, Adam Levine is. Whatever. I just want a good show.

     I expect a real laid back crowd. I’ll give an update tomorrow, until then, Maroon 5 will KICK ASS tonight!!!


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