Isn’t it nice that the weather is finally changing from that terrible heat to cooler autumn days?

     Isn’t it great that football season has finally began?

     Isn’t it ridiculous that cigarettes are so unhealthy yet such a hard habit to break?

     Is it really a surprise that the Detroit Lions suck again?

     Is it a fire-able offense when talking to a fellow co-worker on personal cell phones during work hours and calling that person a racial slur when the person next to that person is of that race and can hear what was said?

     Doesn’t it suck that there aren’t that many hours in the day?

     Doesn’t it suck that the day doesn’t end fast enough?

     Isn’t it crazy that in 15 weeks Christmas will be upon us?

     Do we really spend enough time with our kids?

     Don’t you wish we could stop time and keep our kids at the age they are at so they don’t have to deal with the real world and you can keep them safe forever?

     Is it really that big of a deal that Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant and not married?

     Is that big a deal that Tom Brady hurt his knee and is out for the rest of the season?

     How old is too old to start a rock band?

     Is it ok to believe that you are going to have sex with your spouse years from now when you’re both old and wrinkled up?


1 Response to “Hmmm….”

  1. 1 sweetiegirlz September 8, 2008 at 12:02 am

    Yes, I love FALL!

    Football season great? Depends on who you ask, male or female. haha

    It IS a hard habit to break. Good luck if you are trying. Superman will power to you…

    Re the Detroit Lions sucking: Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s only the beginning of the season??

    Racial slur on cell phones: maybe not fire-able but write ups, may BE!

    hours in a day? aren’t enough: Only when you have a cool life.

    day ends fast enough: when you have a sucky boring life like mine

    Christmas, yeah, I think it started in July in the stores though.

    I spend a lot of time with my kids, but I don’t work yet, soooo….I ‘m lucky.

    only if you could stop their age at one year old! That was when they were cutest!

    re VP Sara Palin’s daughter being pregnant…ummm people need to get a life! President Clinton had his dick sucked in the whitehouse while married. No one can top that!

    Isn’t Tom Brady OLD? Wasn’t an injury just waiting to happen? he’s not a spring chicken anymore!

    Rock bands: Look at the rolling stones…

    I’m 43. I’m already old and wrinkled.

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