Brett Hull

     I was in a hotel up in Traverse City, Michigan for a soccer tournament my daughters participated in this past rainy, windy weekend.

     I was standing in the hallway, on my cell with my dad helping him make his football picks, when a guy came walking by.

     I looked up, nodded and said “hey” the way I always greet people who come my direction and eye contact is made.

     This guy said “how you doin’?” back at me, just as I realize how familiar he looks.

     In a split second I ask him “are you Brett Hull?” knowing full well I will either embarrass this guy because he is always asked this because he looks alot like him, or it really IS Brett Hull!

     He says “yes I am” back at me. I quickly asked him if I can shake his hand.

     By this time he had already passed when he turns back around and stretches his hand out and says “yeah”.

     He has a HUGE hand. He is shorter than me but he is a solid guy. He still appears to be in excellent shape.

     I asked my dad if he heard this exchange and he was real fired up. He could not believe I met him, especially while on the phone with him.

     It so happens a little while later, I ran into him AGAIN!! This time we chatted for a minute while walking down the hall to our rooms. He had a room right across from ours. My wife was with me this time. She was not as excited about him as I was.

     The reason he was there was to work out with the “young NHL prospects” who were in town trying to make the Red Wings team or at least get a shot at trying out for the team.

     He commented on the rain and how it would be nice if the sun came out. He was a real nice, down to earth guy. I didn’t ask for an autograph or take a picture because I didn’t have a camera immediately on me nor did I have paper at the ready.

     But I will have this memory forever. That I was in a hotel, across the hall, from a future hockey Hall of Famer! Did I mention that he is also a Stanley Cup winner? Awesome!!!


2 Responses to “Brett Hull”

  1. 1 lida September 15, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    sounds like jamie’s chauney billups moment, maybe not THAT cool though.

  2. 2 headslammer September 15, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    Him meeting Chauncey was sweet! He idolizes him. I don’t really idolize Brett Hull, it was just cool as hell to have an athlete with his credentials as close as he was to us, and seeing him regularly, in a city that’s way out of the way.

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