USC And Oregon State

     University of  Southern California Trojans and Oregon State Beavers played a college football game last night. USC lost to Oregon State 27-21.

     A #1 team, the Trojans, lost to an unranked Beavers team. I like it. The mighty Trojans fell…empty.

     What do I mean by empty? Get your mind INTO the gutter for a minute.

     Let me put this in a very sexual way, since this game had sexual innuendos all night. The Beavers had a defence that tried to prevent the Trojans from penetration.

     If the end zone is a pussy, and the Beavers are a chick who has one job to do, and that is to keep everything out of itself, it’s defence worked, and the Trojans were not allowed to win the game.

     Oh, the Trojans penetrated just long enough, but there was no celebrating, because they knew they had a lot of work to do. They were behind all game long. The Beavers did a fine job of defending itself.

     So, this is what I am trying to say about how Trojans fell empty. No celebrating because they just did reach that moment of release. The Beavers put up a great fight and kept them out all night.

     Now the Trojans will go home, disappointed, and hurting and needing to regroup. The Beavers are releived that they were not exploited and mentally hurt or raped by a Trojan team who should have had theor way with a Beaver all night, but didn’t.

     Trojans empty, Beavers relieved.


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