Another Sunday, Another Lions Loss

     Well they did it again. The Detroit Lions lost another game, on their way to a perfectly shitty season and an 0-16 record.

     They were never really in this game against the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson had a great day of running the ball against the Lions pathetic defense.

     I am writing this at 10:45 am the morning before this game. How do I know the outcome? Who doesn’t? It’s the Lions!! They suck, and hopefully this is the last season of this bullshit. I hope next year is better, I really do.

     But I feel they have to hit rock bottom before they really turn the corner. They are kind of like an addict who needs to be shown hell before they realize how bad they are before they can get better.

     If this outcome today is different then what I said, it’s because Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte, or whoever plays, threw for a bunch of yards because the Lions were able to contain Peterson. YEAH RIGHT!!! BWA HA HA HA!!

     But whatever happens, the Lions are keeping consistant with another loss today. MARK MY WORDS!!!


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