Movies I Want To See Remakes Of

     Hollywood has been remaking old movies for a few years now. Whether it is because they are out of ideas, or if they are just going for the sure money, they are remaking old movies.

     Hollywood has remade, or spun differently, Superman, The Hulk, Ocean’s Eleven, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc., and has had success.

     Now I have a list that I want to see remade. Call it extreme curiosity, in some cases, with these obscure movies, or call it a walk down memory lane. I just would like to see how these movies would look with today’s technology and today’s actors.

     Flash Gordon, Tron, The Black Hole, Dreamscape, WarGames, My Science Project, Gremlins, RoboCop, Mary Poppins, Blazing Saddles, Escape From Alcatraz and My Bodyguard.

     I am curious to see some of my childhood favorites remade with today’s top actors and actresses. I am also curious to see the different spins today’s directors could have on these old movies.

     The only thing I don’t want to see is these movies get ruined because of an over-active ego of some producer who wants to “build the story of such ‘n’ such” or to take the storyline somewhere nobody would have ever thought, thus destroying the whole idea or imagination of the movie watcher, who has for years adored a particular character. 

     These are just a few ideas. There may be more out there, like “The Lone Ranger”, which I hear is starting to be remade. But for now, if I saw that one of my favorites coming back to the silver screen, I would be buying a ticket the opening night.


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