The Week Is Finally Over

     Thank you very much!! I could not wait for this week to end. I had Tuesday off for Veteran’s Day, and it still seemed like the work week was 6 days long.

     The temperatures are fighting themselves here in gray, wet, damp Michigan. The trees are all bare now, the rain is falling and the temps are supposed to too, turning this into snow by the end of the weekend.

     I have been running on the treadmill almost every day, either early in the morning, or right when I get home from work. The weight is slowly falling off. I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

     I have cut back big time on the Mountain Dew, and been absolutley inhaling water by the quart bottle full. This is a huge way to trim up…stopping the pop, or soda for those of you who have no clue what pop is.

     I am now 1 week away from my vasectomy reversal. My wife and I have been talking about what we will be doing one week from tonight. I told her I would be laying either in bed or on the couch, high on Vicodin and ice on my balls. I hope it doesn’t hurt for too long.

     I can’t wait for Sunday to see the Detroit Lions get the ever living shit beat out of them by the Carolina Panthers. And Thanksgiving Day? Tennessee Titans will finsh the job by administering an ass-whipping to the Lions also.

     Don’t get me wrong, I like the Lions, but I am so pulling for a 0-16 season. They have no right to beat any team, and I don’t wanna lose respect for the team that loses to them. Nobody should lose to the Lions, and the Lions should not beat anyone.

     This is all I have for now. I am taking my spermless balls and bottle water away from the desk for tonight and getting into bed and cozy up and listen to the pitter patter of rain on my roof. In 2 days that will be snow. HELLO WINTER!!! YEAH BABY!!!


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