Ok. Yeah. NOW It Decides To Snow!?!?!


     I want to start out saying that I absolutely love the winter and I love all that comes with it…cold weather, really cold weather, snow, getting cozy with my wife under the blankets, snow, and the cold weather.

     Did I mention snow and cold weather? I would rather it be cold outside than it be 100 degrees, 100% humidity, and being just plain miserable.The heat sucks! You can never take off ALL your clothes to get comfortable, but in the winter, you can always layer up.

     I speak like this because I work outside, all year long. Winter, spring, summer and fall. I am never inside doing work at a desk. My office is a truck, with a trailer and a Ditch Witch. The truck is complete with heat in the winter and ZERO air conditioning in the summer. The company I work at has the air removed from all it’s fleet vehicles. But this is another story.

     But I am gonna bitch, just a little bit right now. It’s snowing is ass off right now out side my window. I am bitching because I have been off from work for the last 10 days recovering from my vasectomy surgery. I have to go back to work tomorrow.

     In this weather!!

     It didn’t snow hardly at all the past week and a half, but now it decides to snow?!?!? Before I have to go back? This is crap!! I am gonna have one hell of a commute tomorrow morning, my first day back.

     Why could it not have snowed LAST night? Not now and into the night! We are expected to get 6-9 inches of the stuff.

     Oh well. I gotta get back into the daily grind some how. I guess this is a crash course.

    Oh great!! I said “crash”! I hope I get to and from work OK in the traffic. I hate superstitions.


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