The American News Media Needs To Calm The Fuck DOWN!!

     I am at my boiling point with the way the American news media is communicating things to us. They are in such a fucking hurry to get out information that is USUALLY WRONG!!!

     I will give two examples that happened just this week that has put me over the edge.

     The first one is the Patrick Swayze news about his pancreatic cancer. We all know he has it, but on Monday, some reports came out about how he was saying goodbye to his family and friends because he was on his death bed.

     Later that day, Swayze had to come out and say that he was fine and that he was NOT on any death bed and that he never said goodbye to anyone.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!

     The second thing that the media screwed up was just today. They claimed that UAW President Ron Gettelfinger was in talks with the Big 3 about opening up all the contracts and renegoting them.

     This was because, according to our great news media here in America, the Big 3 were submitting plans to Congress about how they were going to be spending the money they are asking for. In those plans the Big 3 were going to unite and become the Big 1.

     Nice going assholes in the media!!  

     After the talks in Detroit, Michigan where the meeting took place today, Gettelfinger had to address the media and tell them that that was all bullshit and he was never talking about any kind of merger and he certainly was not talking about a merger of the Big 3.

     The media here sucks! You can’t believe everything you hear from them and that is a shame! They all want to be the first to get the breaking news out to the people. 

     I understand it’s a pride thing. I understand it’s an ego thing. I understand there are awards involved. I understand there is a great deal of money to be earned.

     I went to Journalism school because I really wanted to be one of them. I wanted to write the news and I wanted to have pride in my work.

     But I was going to report the FACTS!!!

     I just wish the media was a little more accountable for their actions and I wish they calmed the fuck down and get the facts straight before rushing to report it.

     I wish they would stop using this “my source says…” excuse every time there is an uprising when something is proved wrong. I believe they use that when they are caught. They are protective of their sources, we may never find out who those sources are, if they even exist.

     This is all I have to say. I feel better for getting this off my chest. This is about to get me motivated to get my ass back in school, get my degree, and do things the right, responsible, and honorable way.


2 Responses to “The American News Media Needs To Calm The Fuck DOWN!!”

  1. 1 fullmetalgerbil December 4, 2008 at 1:01 am

    Actually, in this day and age getting upset about media inaccuracy is like getting bent about historical inaccuracy in a movie like Lord of the Rings. Both are just fabricated for the sake of entertainment, they’re both just part of the spectacle.
    And who really gives a fuck about Patrick Swayze anyways?
    Good quality rant though, glad I happened upon your blog.

  2. 2 headslammer December 4, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Thank you for your kind compliment.

    I disagree with you about your entertainment comment. The media is out reporting these things as true facts. There are people out there taking all this shit the news outlets are shoveling, and believing it.

    What’s the point of listening to the news when you want to learn about what’s going on in the world, when you are in constant doubt of what you are hearing?

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