Arguing With My Wife

     This day was such a ridiculous day, and it peaked with an argument with my wife about stupid dinner.

     We have had a house full of kids all day today, and she decided on lunch. We are both tired of fast food, so I went to the store and bought what she wanted, so we could make lunch.

     This evening, dinner came. She started to ask what I wanted. I told her I had no clue, then I made the fatal mistake of nodding off for half an hour.

     When I awoke, my lovely wife was irritated and told me that since she chose lunch, it was my turn to pick dinner.

     I had no clue what I wanted, so I talked her into coming to the store with me to help decide. The reason I didn’t buy this earlier was because she told me to just get the lunch food and we will cross the dinner bridge when we get to it.

     Well this bridge was a monster! We get to the store, we can’t decide. The kids put in a request for hot dogs and Velveeta macaroni. At first we shot the idea down. The next thing I know, after several suggestions on my part, she tosses hot dogs and buns into the cart.

     We check out, load the truck up and drive away. The following  conversation takes place:

    Her: Well this dinner is gonna suck. I guess I’ll starve.

    Me: What are you talking about? You put that shit into the cart. I suggested to barbecue something. But you said that was a stupid idea because it’s zero degrees outside.

     Her: Yeah! Who the hell does that in cold weather? And you wanted pork chops and I don’t like them.

     Me: Well you liked the last time I made them.

     Her: Well I hope you enjoy dinner tonight. I hate hot dogs. I guess I’ll just starve.

     This is where I snap. I wish I could be less of an asshole in times like this. We have been fighting all weekend long, and I have been trying to keep my cool, when I blow up.

     Me: Fine! Starve! And I refuse to feel sorry for you when we are all eating and your not. I can make you something we have in the freezer.

     Her: I don’t want that shit.

     Me: Fuck it then. I offered. We even came to the store. You could have picked something that you wanted. You didn’t. So you are starving on your own. It’s your fault.

     Her: You don’t have to be an asshole about it. I asked you what you wanted earlier and you wanted to sleep.

     Me: What’s the difference between talking about it then or walking around and talking about it while we shop for it?

     Her: Because I don’t wanna walk around and talk. I want to come here already knowing what we are getting.

     Me: Whatever. It’s all on you.

     I eventually threw her something together to eat. But it was a half-ass dinner. The kids and I ate like royalty if you consider hot dogs and Velveeta macaroni royalty food.

     I just hope that tomorrow is a better day. This fighting may be caused by the snow storm and us being locked up in the house.


6 Responses to “Arguing With My Wife”

  1. 1 anniewilson December 7, 2008 at 9:03 am

    THIS is exactly why men go ice fishing.

  2. 3 Irrepressible Angst December 7, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    eh, it sucks but pretty minor! just forget it and move on. when i get like that my husband steadfastly ignores me. 🙂 hope today is better for y’all.

    • 4 headslammer December 7, 2008 at 11:24 pm

      Oh today was much better. But as for ignoring her? You can’t ignore a woman! You should know that. All they do is keep on picking away by upping the argument until the man says something back.

  3. 5 sweetiegirlz December 7, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    It just sounds like a stress spat. Sometimes, we have a night in our house where we call supper, “get what you can” night. Every man woman and child for themselves. Ramen, baloney, hotdogs, Velveeta macaroni…haha. Sounds like some frozen dinner aisles should been shopped too. There’s a LOT of good choices in there. Keep everything in perspective.

    • 6 headslammer December 8, 2008 at 12:01 am

      Oh I tried. She read this post earlier and she laughed. She said it was funny to see my perspective of our arguments. She also admitted she thinks she has a little cabin fever.

      As for the dinner thing with family? I call that “Every Man For Themselves” where everyone eats whatever they can get their grubby little paws on!!

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