O.J. Simpson’s Road Ends

     Finally!! The end of the road for Hall of  Famer O. J. Simpson is here. It has been about 14 years late, but at least it arrived.

     The murdering, narcissistic liar is going to be behind bars, packed away in a Nevada prison for at least the next 9 years.

     He will be 70 years old when he is eligible for his first parole, and possible  freedom.

     But I believe that the drama and anger he has built up in people for the past decade and a half is over, along with his free life.

     He will be stored away with the other criminals in Nevada. He will be getting out in the next 9 years, one way or another.

     He is going to get killed in there. Some prisoner with the urge to make a name for themself will do him in. I believe this because history speaks for itself.

     Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison.

     Lee Harvey Oswald, though this is a weak one, he did however get killed while in custody.

     Steve Biko, a South African anti-apartheidist was beat to death in prison.

     I firmly believe that O. J. will die there too. He is too much of an outgoing individual to be quarrantined by himself all day, every day, for the next several years.

     He will mingle with the wrong group of people and that will be it. Or, he will get mentally and physically worn down to where he may die of natural causes.

     But at any rate, this is the end of the road for him. There will be no more of him in the news, screwing this person over, or lying, or breaking any more laws and getting away with it.

     Here are a few to refresh your memory:

     Speed boating in a manatee zone in Florida, road rage in Florida when he scratched a dude’s face while taking off that guy’s glasses, counterfeit cards for cable and pay-per-view, beating his kids around, writing a book called ‘If I Did It’ and thinking he was gonna make one red cent off it when he owed money from a civil trial he lost, and there was something else…what was it?

    Oh yeah! Murdering his wife and her friend!!

     Now that O. J. Simpson is in prison, who the hell is gonna look for the murder now?


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