Dominic Raiola!! Right Back At Ya!!!

     Detroit Lions center, Dominic Raiola is in a bad situation right now. The veteran football player blew his lid on Sunday, giving the finger to his fellow Lions fans, who were at home at Ford Field.

     The Lions are 0-13, on their way to an NFL worst, and first time ever, 0-16 season. The fans are frustrated with this team, the coaches, and the ownership.

     They expressed themselves toward the Lions bench, specifically at Raiola.

     When Raiola had had enough of the taunting and the bad mouthing and catching the blame, he fired the finger at the ornery crowd.

     Well, I am here to give it right back at him! It’s not our fault that the Lions totally and absolutely suck ass! We want a good, professional football team that is, in the very least, competitive.

     But since we don’t have that, fans are going to let the bench hear about it. Raiola did not need to be an asshole by stooping down to our frustration and express his own at the expense of a crowd who is paying their hard earned money in a weak  Michigan economy, when times are hard for everyone.

     So Mr. Raiola…..


                                          RIGHT BACK AT YA!!!


2 Responses to “Dominic Raiola!! Right Back At Ya!!!”

  1. 1 Avy Smith December 9, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Doesnt matter whether this Raiola guy is there with the lions or not….The fact is, this team can never beat an opponent at least in this season…. Their play has been nothing short of disastrous! Check out for more knowledge on the Lions and their performance this season.

    • 2 headslammer December 9, 2008 at 8:14 am

      I know this. The city of Detroit knows this, too. Believe me, it was pretty embarassing to have this team on national television on Thanksgiving. But it gave the rest of the country a glimpse of the sweet hell this team is and the agony us fans are enduring.

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