Illinois Is Feeling Good, Eh?

     Illinois. Probably the most crooked, scamming, and irritating state in the Union.

     I’ll begin with the sports teams.

    Chicago  Blackhawks. Win just enough games to get into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

     Chicago Bears. Nice run to the Superbowl a couple years ago, just to get bulldozed by a powerhouse.

     Chicago Cubs. All those fans, all the pain, all the agony, all the years that have gone by without winning the World Series. Will they ever?

     Chicago White Sox. I respect the team, not the asshole coach.

     Chicago Bulls. Nice job winning all those championships then disassembling the team when Michael Jordan retired for the 2nd time. I mean the 3rd time. How many times?

     I read in the paper this morning that Illinois governors have been scamming the political system for years. And some of them have been thrown in prison!

     According to The Detroit News, three past governors have served time for being scam artists.

     Otto Kern, in 1973, had to serve time for getting involved in horse racing by arranging dates then getting reduced horse racing stocks. Also convicted of bribery and tax evasion.

     Dan Walker, who, while not seated at the time, was convicted of bank fraud, misapplication of funds and perjury, back in 1987.

     George Ryan is currently serving time for corruption.

     And now we have Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was trying to sell the vacated seat in the Senate of President-elect, Barack Obama.

     He was recorded, AND HE KNEW HE WAS, taking and asking for offers for, what he called a Golden Seat. He was trying to get the highest bid, and milk a rock for blood, for this vacated seat in Congress.

     He was asking for jobs for himself and he wanted a job for his wife, and he wanted them to be at least 6 figures.

     Some people are calling this a new low for politicians. I just wonder how residents of Illinois feel.

     This happening again to them has got to make them wonder just who the hell they keep electing. All these scam artists running their state.

     The state of Illinois has got to be feeling good about itself tonight.


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