ESPN’S “Around The Horn”

     Cable network ESPN has a sports talk show called “Around The Horn” that is on during the week at 5pm. It is a 30 minute show that consists of a host and four panelists talking about daily events in the sports world.

     It is an informative show, where the host, Tony Reali, gives and takes away points to four panelists, usually sports columnists, from around the country.

     The panelists give their opinions and Reali will give them points if he likes what he hears, or takes points away if he doesn’t.

     Then at the end of each segment, he drops the person with the lowest points, until two panelists remain.

     They have a “Showdown” where the last two will debate issues to see who the host, Reali, deems the winner by the points he gives them.

     Simple show. Not too hard to figure out. I actually enjoy it. I have been running on my treadmill for the past 2 months and watching this show since it comes on around the time I start my running.

     But I noticed something.

     There happens to always be one certain panelist who wins quite a bit. At first I thought he had his sports knowledge in ship-shape. But then I paid closer attention.

     The host, Reali, gives this panelist, Jay Mariotti, quite a bit more points and attention than the others.

     Reali will tack on an extra point here or there for Mariotti. He will also get Mariotti off to a big lead, and he will not give, or deduct points, from anyone threatening to take the lead from Mariotti.

     Then I started to think to myself, are these  two guys gay?

     Why all this special attention?

     I did a little research online on these two and found out that neither are married, nor have any kids.

     I have nothing against people who are gay, but I am annoyed with this special attention and extra points given to Mariotti. I want to see someone else win, get more points, and maybe even see Mariotti not even make it past the first round!!

     I watch this show now to see if Mariotti will win. He usually makes it to the “Showdown” round more than anyone else.

     This show’s gimmick is very predictable.

     Like I said, it’s entertaining and educational to the sports fans in the country, but come on already!!

     I just want to see a little surprise here and there, not the usual, where Mariotti is beating everyone all the time because Reali fixes it that way.


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