If You Write It, Can You Say It?

     I read a post in someone’s blog just recently, and they brought up the whole topic on how bloggers can write anything at all about people or events.

     They also said that certain bloggers tend to hide behind their blogs because it’s a way for them to express themselves in a way they would never do to a person’s face.

     Well I am here to say that whatever I have written here in the past, and I have written ALOT, and whatever I will write in the future, I am willing to say in person to anyone.

     I am not afraid to hide behind what I slap down in these posts and I would say the same to the people I am writing about.

     I feel that if something has to be said, it will be said.

     Yes, I may tiptoe around certain things, because I have been known to tiptoe around in person to people, knowing full well things are touchy, and I can respect that.

     But if something needs to be said about someone, or if someone needs to be called out on something, damn it I will do it!

     I also WANT to be called out, too. Let me hear about it! If I have screwed up something in person, I always have an open door to hear criticism about my decisions.

     Believe me! I have heard ALOT about shit I have done from my close friends and family. I like to keep those type of people around to keep me on the straight and narrow. If they were not here, who knows where I would be?

     So if anyone reads any of these posts and feel I need an ass-chewing about anything at all, any criticism, or just want to put me down, let me have it!

     Because whatever I see happening in the world, I will express myself here, because it’s my way of getting the emotion off my chest, and if that person reads this, I want them to know if I could, I would say it in person.


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