Gay? I Don’t Care!

     Alright. I am aiming to open a box of worms with this one, as I am curious as to how people really feel when it comes to gay musicians.

     I don’t mind gay musicians or actors at all. I know I am putting myself out there with some people when I say this, but, dudes, go for it!

     Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM. Back when he came out of the closet and admitted he was gay, were we shocked?

     I wasn’t. It’s just something that could be sensed. I didn’t care. So what? Just as long as he kept releasing great hits and didn’t let his revelation hurt him, who cares?

     Did everyone suddenly dislike REM less because of this?

     Or how about suddenly hating Judas Priest just because metal god, Rob Halford, came out and said he was gay?

     The dude blew the roofs off arenas all around the world while he was hiding his lifestyle and people praised him. Just because he came out didn’t suddenly make him any different.

     Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Pete Townsend, Boy George, and George Michael are all gay musicians. They are all talented as hell and have been put out some really kick ass music. I don’t look at them any differently just because of the life they live.

     All I want to do is enjoy some real kick ass music, and if the people making that music are gay, so what? As long as I am entertained.

     But what about you?

     You suddenly find out that what you have enjoyed listening to has been made by a gay person. What you gonna do? Burn all their discs, records, tapes, posters, t-shirts and bumper stickers?

     Or are you gonna shrug it off because you know that they have made some of the best damn music you have ever heard?


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