NBA Is the New WWE

     I have been saying for at least 15 years now, that the NBA is the new wrestling. It’s the new WWE.

     The NBA is fixed. The NBA is a script. The NBA is fake.

     All the NBA does is build up all these fantastic scenarios where the league showcases the great match ups between teams and players and does so to keep it’s audience riveted.

     Yesterday’s game between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers is a fine example.

     The two teams in last season’s finals squared off against each other during prime time on Christmas night. The beginning of the self-proclaiming hype by the NBA.

     The Celtics came into the game with a 19 game win streak. A 19 game win streak!! Did anyone honestly think they were going to lose a game from two weeks ago to the present?

     The league needed the Celtics to keep winning to hype this game.

     The Lakers had won 11 in a row at home before defeating the Celtics last night. So the NBA had even more to tout.

     A winning streak was going to end.

     Then for even more NBA drama, Lakers coach won his 1,000 career coaching game, becoming the fastest to the  milestone.

     All this hype. All this drama. All these great and amazing gods roaming the earth, all for us to see when we click on an NBA game.

     This has been going for, like I said, at least 15 years that I know of. Once I realized it, it was hard to NOT notice.

     Don’t get me started on the Michael Jordan era.

     I will leave that for my next post.


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