Vasectomy Reversal Update 8

     I had my vasectomy reversed back on November 21, and I have been living the life of a fertile man again.

     My wife and I have been trying to have a baby since 3 weeks after the surgery, which happened to be her most fertile time.

     The doctor told us to wait until after I had a sperm analysis four weeks after the surgery. He also told us not not to try getting pregnant until the analysis was done and results were in.

     But we broke that rule. I had been ejaculating on a daily basis, on the doctor’s orders, and we thought we would try and see what happens.

     Well as far as we know, she is not pregnant yet, but I did have the analysis this past Monday, December 29.

     I had to ejaculate into a cup with a screw-on lid and take in to the lab for analysis.

     So I did this, then raced it to the lab and dropped it off. The nurse and secretary told me to wait until the next day for my results.

     All this time, from the surgery until now, I had been worried that maybe this won’t work. There is a chance that what the doctor had opened up, may have close itself back up when healing. This was my fear.

     But I had been ejaculating to keep those “lines” open and to keep them from healing shut. I had hoped that I was doing something good.

     I was!

     The results came back and I passed with absolute flying colors! The average male has 20 million sperm per milliliter. The nurse told me that I was at 58 sperm per milliliter!

     I was so thrilled that the surgery worked. I felt like a real man, over-achieving in my count, and I also told my wife that I was going to get her pregnant by just looking at her!

     I was instructed to keep on ejaculating as frequent as I am, because the sperm are swimming slowly, and I need to keep moving them out until I can produce a whole new “army” of fast ones.

     The nurse said it should be no problem and that within a month if I keep it up, I will have normally active sperm.

     So we are hoping for the best, and I am working on the restoration of my “army”. The factory is now starting to produce!! WHOO HOO!!!


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