Did You Know That…

     …when a women farts when wearing a thong, the noise is the exact same as when air blown upon a grass blade between two thumbs does?

     …some men actually pluck hairs out of their nose and ears with their fingers rather that cutting them out?

     …a elephant can be pregnant up to 18 months?

     …French toilets actually slide out of a wall, and can only be the bowl part. When someone is done using it, the bowl will slide back into the wall and be hosed off and things are rinsed away into a drain that is inside a wall?

     …sucking dick and eating pussy is starting to become a reason men and women are getting oral cancer?

     …drinking too much water can actually expand the brain and kill you?

     …the planet earth’s fresh water supply is running out?

     …this chick, Megan Hauserman, from “Rock of Love” and “Charm School” on Vh1, actually has a college degree?


     … I actuall thought she was hot until I found out she is going to be on another Vh1 show called “I Love Money” where a group of millionaires will be trying to win her over by impressing her with their wallets, charm, and over-all stupidity?


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