With Nothing Rises Something

     Have you ever got to the point when you sit down to write a new post, that you have nothing new to say?

     I have been straining all day, trying to put something out on here, but have come up with nothing. But I think that with nothing, rises something.

     Why are there so many perverts out there searching sex, porn and other various things of this nature? My search box is loaded with these kinds of searches.

     Work is going to suck total ass starting tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow is the beginning of 5 day work weeks for the next few months without any free vacations. I believe Good Friday is the next given vacation day. Anything else has to be spent on our own.

     Today was a good day as far as being lazy. It’s Sunday, there was rain and ice and all kinds of nastiness outside, so why go or do anything? Football is on, and relaxation is in order!

     I feel settled into my life right now, more than I think I ever have in my life. I know what I want, I know what I have, and I don’t feel any pressure from anyone or anything. Things are the way I have been wanting them to be for years. I really can’t explain it, but as far as a “perfect life” goes, I feel I am pretty damn close, and I believe my wife feels the same.

     Kids grow up so fast. I was looking at my 15 year old this weekend and I was thinking how much older and mature looking she is getting. I was also looking at her and I can still see the little girl in her too. It’s weird to be a father and watch your kids grow up and older. Again, it’s hard to put into words. It’s just truly remarkable.

     Well it looks like maybe I did have something to say.



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