Third-Hand Smoke?

     We all know about first-hand smoke. This is the obvious one, where the person with the cigarette in their hand puts it onto their lips and inhales it deep into the lungs, holds it there for a second or four, then exhales, leaving the smoker feeling a bit of a relaxing, calming buzz.

     Then then there is the second-hand smoke. This is where a non-smoker is in the presence of a smoker. The smoker exhales and blows out smoke into the air, along with the burning cigarette. Air in which the non-smoker inhales.

     Then there is third-hand smoke.

     Third-hand smoke is where the smoke from a cigarette and out of a smoker’s lungs is absorbed into the area where the smoking occurs. It is absorbed into the carpet or upholstery of a car.

     It is absorbed in the carpet or furniture of a living room.

     It is even absorbed into the skin, clothes, and hair of the smoker, and even non-smoker, if they so happen to be in a smoke-filled environment.

     The point I am trying to make is that us parents can be neive when we think that going outside for a puff to hide it from our kids really isn’t hiding jack shit!

     We can come back indoors and when our kids come sit on our laprs or come give us a hug, they are inhaling the third-hand smoke.

     Third-hand smoke consists of all the lovely ingredients contained in cigarettes such as nicotine, lead, ammonia, arsenic and all kinds of other fun things we think we are hiding from our kids, but actually they are ingesting anyway.

     Smoking in your car?

     Those seats you put your babies and other children in, are filled with these toxins from the smoke off cigarettes.

     Just because you think you are hiding the fact you smoke from your kids and think they can’t see you doesn’t mean ass! They are still ingesting it into their lungs and little bodies.

     I am not preaching, I am just trying to get the word out on something I just found out today.


2 Responses to “Third-Hand Smoke?”

  1. 1 pochp January 6, 2009 at 12:09 am

    I already advised those who smoke in front of their computers.

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