Grocery Store Employees

     I was at the local grocery store chain earlier this afternoon when I happened to witness an almost bad situation in the parking lot.

     It involved an old man behind the wheel of his Buick. He appeared to have zero clue about where he was or what he was doing.

     He was stopped at the entrance of the store. There is a stop sign there, allowing customers to cross the “roadway” from their cars to the front door of the store.

     For no reason at all, he began to back up! In the roadway!

     Behind him was an employee from the store, walking a train of grocery carts into the special doors of the store for just those carts.

     The old man came within inches from hitting this kid. The kid had the carts past the rear bumper of the Buick, but he was still there and he almost got hit.

     This dude had to literally jump out of the way from this car and the old man driving it. Had this kid been daydreaming, he may have got hit.

     So I started to wonder, how many of these grocery store employees get nailed by cars while pushing that grocery cart train around the parking lot in a year?

     I have to imagine that a lot of them do get hit and that’s very unfortunate.


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