A Few New Ideas And One Stolen

     I have been thinking lately about a few things and I want to pour my ideas out on here. I am curious about what kind of reaction they will bring out in people.

     First, the idea of Pussy Roulette. I was thinking that this could be a new term for a dude who is screwing around by banging a bunch of different chicks behind their backs.

     Sooner or later one of them will find out what’s going on and then the whole charade will come to an immediate halt because she will inform the other or others of what this dude is doing. Thus the name, Pussy Roulette.

     Second idea has to do with Halloween costumes. Mainly ones having to do with professional athletes who have been in trouble recently.

     Michael Vick football jersey, all chewed up, torn up, dirty and bloody, resembling a dog fight you attempted to step into the middle of.

     Plaxico Burress pants with a gun in the pocket and two holes through a pant leg with blood dripping from them. Don’t forget to wear a lot of bling and have plenty of cash, since the gun is supposed to protect you and your bling and cash at a nightclub.

     Charles Barkley shirt rolled up over belly and pants unzipped with lipstick on the fly from the blow job.

     Third idea, instead of buying stars from Rocky Mozell and his Star Registry crap, why not buy a droplet of water. Maybe in the form of a raindrop or a snowflake. Just like the star, you will never see it again, but your money was easily spent on an idea you thought was good at the time.

     And my fourth idea has to do with collegiate athletes. Why can’t one be a total stud and come out of college, sign a huge contract with a team and as many sponsors as he can? When the contract is over, never play again and use the excuse of how all he ever wanted to do was make a ton of money and then live off it for the rest of his life.

     Maybe my mind needs to take a break for a while.


2 Responses to “A Few New Ideas And One Stolen”

  1. 1 Michael January 9, 2009 at 12:15 am

    Good post, very funny! On the last one, most of the pro athletes miss the locker room more than the game, the fans or the money. If you look at the current Brett Farve situation now, all he is doing after the Jets season ended is whining about whether he fit in on the team or his teammates liked him. Who gives a $%@ you’re Brett Farve and they are the 4-12 Jets without you?

    • 2 headslammer January 9, 2009 at 8:15 am

      Good reply. I have been hearing him complain about the rest of the team being against him. But I was just throwing out all these possibilities that we all know may never happen, it would just be fun to see the controversies and discussions about some of these decisions.

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