To Write a Script

     I have been itching to write a movie script for quite some time now. I think it would be awesome to have that work go into production and then end up in a movie theatre or on TV.

     I have so many ideas floating around in my head. They are all dramas, and I am thinking one of them could end up on Lifetime Movie Network.

     The kind of life I have lived, the experiences I learned and the people I have met, give me a whole lot of good ideas for this endeavour.

     I have always been open to the idea of collaborating with someone who knows the format of just how a script should be written. There are real strict criteria in which it needs to displayed on paper. If it’s not, then nobody will give the script a chance because the format is wrong.

     I have been studying websites that contain loads of information on how to write a script. There are even programs to download for a fee, that will aid in the proper writing of a script.

     I even  found one website that gives you the space and the programming is already there for free, to write your own script. The thing is, I think it was shut down, because I can not find it anymore. What sucks more is I had started one on there. It’s gone now.

     I will start another one, and I will try my best to have it written the proper way, and I will keep an ear and an eye out for anyone willing to help, or who needs help, and maybe together we can pound out the next dramatic movie that will entertain moviegoers, or  captivate couch potatoes within the next years ahead.


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