The Next Industry To Ask For A Bailout Is…

     …going to surprise you. It is an industry that we all think is doing well because we Americans need some kind of entertainment, some kind of stress release, some kind of get-away from the real world for just one day.

     But if I say who it is, will we really be surprised?

     The banks got money to help them out. The Big 3 asked and received, and then the porn industry asked, and their answer is not out yet.

     I believe the amusement park industry is next!

     Cedar Point, Six Flags, Frontier City, and even Disneyland are just a few who I think will be asking for a bailout.

     If people can’t afford to buy the basic things in life, why would they spend an average of  over two hundred dollars per family of four, to spend a day getting thrown around on roller coasters, getting wet in a thunderous river, or eating countless pounds of cotton candy and hot dogs?

     I just expect the amusement park, or theme park, industry to go next. This is what I’m putting my money on.

     If I had some to bet.


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