Stupid British

     Oh look! The British are acting like assholes to prove some kind of point to our visiting President Obama.

     It seems that a riot broke out in London, England where fires were started, and people were stampeded and police had to break skulls to get the crowds under control.

     I think it’s funny and extremely childish whenever citizens of other countries have to make some kind of point when the President of the United States visits. People of foreign lands act like little children who are either very excited they have “company” over, or they are feeling neglected because all this attention in on the visitor.

     Calm the fuck down Brittons! The rest of the world knows your economy and everyone else’s economy is majorly fucked up. Busting shit up and causing a scene isn’t going to solve anything.

     It will, however, show the world what kind of asshole you really are, and maybe you need a time out!


1 Response to “Stupid British”

  1. 1 quikflik April 7, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    seriously dude! the USA thinks of themselves as world police, world protectors, the boss of the world.
    whats obamas latest statement – ‘the buck stops with me’

    you cant be boss just when it suits you.

    the people of england arent just protesting because your fancy pants president is there – but 19 other world leaders.
    some workers in the financial district are actually throwing money out of their windows to the protestors, many of whom do not have jobs any longer.

    america is now like the pimply ginger kid in science class – we’d rather avoid you thanks very much. say what you like, but you lot f**cked up.

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