Look Who’s Back!

After being gone for a very long time, I have got up off my ass and decided to put a new post on my blog!

I have been busy with this and that and staying away for far too long. I read other people’s posts in the past who said they were gone for long periods of time and I thought to myself  “how can you not post daily? This is addicting!” and now I know why.  Let me give a few examples of what has had my attention.

First of all I got addicted to friggin’ Twitter! Damn that site! It got to the point I was on daily checking out what was being said by the people I was following. I held conversations with them and I even went way overboard with my own “Tweets” and I got to say, that was a lot of fun. But that ended.

Second, I got off Twitter and onto Facebook! Holy crap! Let me just say that it was, and still is, an awesome site! I am still hooked on it, and I still go to it several times a day. It’s a lot like Twitter, except the people you follow and have follow you KNOW EACH OTHER unlike Twitter where it’s full of strangers and celebrities who don’t really give a crap about you.

Facebook has reconnected me to people I had long forgot about. I got on that site through a friend I Googled. I went to grade school with him and when I found him, he talked me into getting on FB. So I did. And it went from there.

Unfortunately a lot of old friends are not on there, but enough are and it made for some great conversations and reminiscing. I am having a ball on that site.

Thirdly I am busy with life. Whether I am running around with my kids, hanging with my wife, or working, running, or watching sports on TV. It has kept my time and my attention.

I am attempting to get back here on good ol’ WordPress and tell stories of experiences and complain about other things as well, because, Baby, I am just about warmed up. So heads up!!


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