As I tried to calm my mom down for the next few months, I was also pulling even further away from her. I didn’t want to be near her negativity. It was not healthy for me or my girlfriend with stress added on by my mom’s words and her actions.

     The entire pregnancy was real cool, as far as it can be I guess. We were together everyday. Although we both lived at our own parents’ houses, we managed to be together so I was there in case anything happened.

     Nothing really did. Except for a late night craving of SweetTarts in which I ran up to the local gas station to purchase. That was it, too. Nothing else was craved the entire time.

     We had a baby shower at her mom’s house and only had her side of the family invited. My mom didn’t want anything to do with the shower because she “wasn’t ready for this yet”. She also instructed me not to invite anyone from our family until she was ready for them to know.

     She was induced into labor 2 weeks after the expected delivery date. My daughter was healthy and had all fingers and toes. And she was a girl! I had always wanted a girl first and that morning I got my wish.

     We went to the Ultrasounds during the pregnancy and asked the nurses and doctors not to tell us what the baby was because we wanted it to be a surprise.

     Everyone came to the hospital to see the new baby. Except my mom. Everyone was happy and teary-eyed and joyful. Except my mom. I guess she was not ready to see her granddaughter yet.

     A week after going home to my girlfriend’s mom’s house, we moved out into an apartment of our own. I had been staying with my girlfriend and our baby at her mom’s, but I wanted to get out on our own. Her mom kind of wanted us to stay, but we both knew it was best to get out.

     A month after moving out, we got married. It was a quick ceremony at the Justice of the Peace in Ohio. We went there because in Michigan at the time, we had to take medical tests that we didn’t have the money for. We went with one of my friends, my sister and the baby and got married.

     Christmas would be a real treat and unfortunatley for my mom, she showed her true colors to her side of the family when she was in the same room with her new granddaughter.


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