A minute or so went by without any activity. She was not writing anything in the chat room and my cell phone had not rang either. I was lost. I was also extremely nervous.

     I kept typing in the chat room, asking where she was when suddenly my cell phone rang. It scared me so bad that I didn’t have time to think about not answering it. I quickly flipped it open and started to talk to her.

     She had a voice that was real intriguing. The curiousity in me kept growing. I wanted to know all I could from her. She was 5 years older than me and that made it even more interesting. That an older woman was into me.

     I felt good about myself from one aspect, and I felt real bad from another. The part that made me feel good was the idea of her wanting to see me, of her being interested in me and liking me. I was attracted to her. I had seen her picture under her profile in the chat room. She never would see my picture because I had no idea on how to load one up, let alone load one on up the computer I was using at my former in-laws house.

     Our phone conversations moved from that one that night, to her calling me when I was at work. I also called her from work. It was real scary to do, but very much an adrenaline rush. We talked about meeting during every call.

     She was luring me to come see her. She lured me by saying things about how she really liked me, how I needed a good woman. And she lured me with sex. I was already weakened by the sense she was making, but sex was something I was craving.

     My wife at the time was not giving me any. All the begging and pleading and trying of various tactics to get laid didn’t get me sex. So the thought of going out to see this woman and getting what I so desperatley wanted sounded like a good idea.

     I thought I knew how to keep a secret. I never was a good liar before either. But I figured that if I was already involved in this game, then I better learn how to play like a pro. I wanted certain things out this, and I was thinking about how I would not let it affect my marriage. I was going to have my cake and eat it too.


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