I recognized her voice from all the phone calls we had over the past 2 months. I threw caution to the wind when I curled my fingers around her hand and began to walk into her house.

     It was totally dark. Nothing was on. She held my hand throught the darkness and toward the back of the house. I began to ask what we were doing this for in the dark when she “sushed” me. I whispered back with a “sorry”.

     We walked past the kitchen. It was illuminated by the clocks on the microwave and stove. I could barely see anything once we walked through a doorway at the back of her house.

     We got to a set of stairs and she told me to be careful as we bagan our ascent. I was thinking that this house is actually a whole lot bigger than it looks from the outside. She said she had a big house, but from what I saw outside in the dark, it looked average. But it really wasn’t average. This was a big place. She was right.

     Once we got to the top of the stairs, we walked down a hallway toward her bedroom. Even up there was dark. Once we got into her room, I could start to make things out because of a streetlight right out side of her window.

     She finally stopped and turned around and grabbed my other hand. I could faintly see her face and I could tell that she only had on a nightgown. I remember thinking to myself “thank god she looks like the picture I saw from the internet”. Hearing horror stories about this exact moment made me nervous. But I was one of the lucky ones as far as being told the truth.

     She commented on how tall I was and how she didn’t expect me to be THIS tall. I was shy and just agreed. She must have been feeling the same kind of relief of not being told the usual internet lie about personal description. I had never sent her a picture of myself, I just did alot of describing.

     We began to kiss and things progressed from there. The first time we actually saw each other’s faces was afterward.

     We sat around on her bed and talked for a while before falling asleep. She needed to get up in a couple hours for work since this was all unplanned and she didn’t take any time off.

     In the morning she got up, got ready for work and left me alone in her huge house. It was real quiet and I was a bit freaked out. She did, however, help me get online on her computer to email whoever I needed to, but I didn’t. 

     I watched a little bit of television before I fell asleep on the couch. It had been a long and tiring night and I was beat.

     I was asleep for an hour or so when suddenly I heard a whole bunch of noise at the back door and people talking. The sound of someone putting a key into the lock and turning it to get in.

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